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6 Months Dairy Free

6 Months Dairy Free

I while ago I got A-man referred to Lilly’s Sleep specialist. At the time he was 10 months old and my gut was telling me something was off. (The questions the doctor was asking for Lilly I was saying No to but in my head yes A-man has these issues).

Last week we went to the appointment and walked out with a to do list.

A-man has always had a sensitivity to dairy BUT as I am trying to introduce anything dairy related or some substitutes, (goats milk, goats cheese, lactose free milks and cheese) it’s not going well.

Trust me you do not want to smell his diapers!

The doctor has put him on a game plan:

1) To get his allergies and stomach under control by meds. His stomach is very irritated and needs time to heal.

2)  A dairy free diet for 6 months. (That even means no butter!!!)

Wrapping your head around the fact that Dairy is in a lot of the food out there is a learning curve. Something as simple as a baker using butter on the bowels that dough rises in is a no no for A-man.

Luckily I found an awesome blog with recipes; Go Dairy Free.

I think what got me hooked is the fact on it’s home page it had a picture of Blueberry Cheesecake and the Gluten Free Double Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I decided to try out Go Dairy’s Apple Butter Crockpot recipe and found it very easy to make!

Apple Butter


A-man’s response to this change was mmmm mmm mmmm and a lot of lip smacking. Lilly enjoyed the apple butter and even had seconds!

This weekend I am planning to head to the big city to find some Dairy Free Baking items and can not wait to experiment!

By His Stripes Alone
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