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Un-Schooling Year

Un -Schooling Year

The past few days my social media feeds have been full of my friends children going back to school. A huge part of my felt sad that Lilly’s photo wouldn’t be joining the back to school collage but deep down inside I know we are making the right decision for her.

Last June I had never been so excited for summer break to start. I was exhausted toting Lilly to school, doctors appointments and dealing with behaviour.

Summer started off with a lot of temper tantrums.

It got so bad that I resulted to putting her in her bed, after five to ten minutes she would fall asleep for one to four hours long!

I scaled back our life commitments and made naps a priority.

Life got easier!

I spent July researching curriculm and different styles of teaching; Un-schooling, Special Needs Homeschooling, Christian based curriculum, Montessori. 

Than August was spent implementing a project based curriculm just to try it out and I saw success.

After a conversation with another mom I started teaching Lilly Kindergarten stuff but at the level of a three year old. Why? Lilly has been on some heavy duty medicine in the past that affects cognitive development and her brain is still playing catch up.

After talking to some specialist we decided to go back to the Sleep Specialist to figure out her sleep disorder a bit more. (It’s a good thing I did!)

Her sleep is interrupted because of the pain in her legs. She needs extra naps, we are going to try a new med to help settle her into sleep and trying a weighted blanket.

Homeschooling right now is the best option for her.

We notified her school and will be doing a home-based specialized schooling this year. A Speech Therapist, Occupation Therapist, Family Wellness coordinator and a teacher will be coming out to the house.

It will be interesting how this will all come together but well worth it.

Right now I have a much happier child and that makes this mommy happy!

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4 thoughts on “Un-Schooling Year

  1. Oh my gosh I am so glad you came to my page and I paid a return visit! My 5 year old has such a hard time sleeping and he always asks for “something to kick” which means with one of us in bed with him with a leg thrown over his legs or a pillow on his feet. He has just started complaining of leg pain. I am getting (or making, possibly) a weighted blanket! Thanks for sharing!


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