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In Her Foot Steps

In Her Footsteps

When I was expecting A-man I often wondered what life would be like for him. Being the “typical” child comes with it’s own curve balls. By age one he has already suppressed his sister in some ways.

But one thing I did not consider is how he will follow in her foot steps.

It started with Lilly’s AFO’s, (leg braces.) I would catch A-man sucking on them like he does with his toys.

Than A-man used her wheelchair as his standard for learning to stand. He spent many hours trying to stand beside the wheelchair. The moment he could pull himself up and stand beside it was a moment of triumph for A-man.

Her walker became his next obsession. It’s sturdier than his push toys and he loves pushing it around. A favourite pass time is “helping” Lilly use her walker on our walks.

Most People See What Is And Never See What Can Be

Watching him walk behind her made me realize in some ways he will be following her footsteps.

Some of the little things he’s already picked up from his sister are:

  • How to sneak the puppy food oh so innocently
  • The dogs water dish is for washing toys
  • Sound affects. Sometimes I don’t know who’s making what nosies!
  • sign language.

For these two siblings things on the outside may look differently but deep in the heart of there relationship she is the older sister who’s pesky little brother is following in her footsteps.

By His Stripes Alone, Candice

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3 thoughts on “In Her Foot Steps

  1. What a sweet relationship between those two! I think our typical kids are getting such a great life lesson in how to love without prejudice thanks to their siblings. Thanks for sharing this 🙂


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