Christian Living

A New Journey

It’s fresh.

A new name.

A new style.

But a huge leap for this author.

A brand new blog; leaving behind Lilly Through The Valley!

Yes, I love my first blog. The name, the concept, God calling me to write.

Exactly a year ago I started to feel God pulling at my heart to stretch outside my comfort zone as a writer. At first I thought that meant to change my writing style and content.

I did.

Than he called me to contribute to a blog other than my own. A huge step for me! An editor to answer too, a time line and a new set of readers. God, opened the doors for me to write for two christian blogs but I found my home at one of them.

Satisfaction Through Christ. I love every moment of contributing there!

But that was little steps to a bigger picture. God placed it on my heart to leave my comfort zone and start from scratch.

It took all summer to pull off but I’d like to welcome you all to Mommas Wonderings.

Please join me as a wondering through momma hood taking care of my family, learning about myself and focusing on God!

By His Stripes Alone

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