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Introducing Baby

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook for the last year you have already meet this furry ball of cuteness. Baby is a year and half cockapoo that Lilly got as her wish from The Rainbow Society Of Alberta. The wish was approved before her major surgery in 2016 but the way things worked… Continue reading Introducing Baby

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Invaded By Castles

Last Friday in Momma Confessions: Home Based Learning I mentioned that we went back to basics and started up a routine that I used to do a lot with Lilly. Basically what I did was take my Early Childhood training and infuse it with the homework pamphlets I would get from therapist.  Between the two… Continue reading Invaded By Castles

Learning Through Play · Mommy Life

Momma Confessions; Home Based Therapy

For 6 years home based therapy was ingrained in our life. I have called it a couple of things over the years, homeschooling, un-schooling, play based therapy and now home based therapy. If you follow my Instagram account you would have seen pictures pop up after Christmas about activities we have been doing. This kind… Continue reading Momma Confessions; Home Based Therapy

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Momma Confessions: Goals Based On Joy

End of 2017 had me reevaluating my goals for 2018. Yes, I finished them mid-December but when something changes how you look at them it is time to give them a tune up. One day at the end of 2017 I was in the bathroom getting ready for the day listening to a pod cast… Continue reading Momma Confessions: Goals Based On Joy

Being Closer To God · Christian Living

Momma Confessions: A Discouraged Heart

There was a period in my life that I was fierce prayer warrior. I would spend hours praying, and using scripture in my prayers. Then something happened and I don’t know when or why but I stopped being a prayer warrior. I mean yes I prayed but not in the same style. There was a… Continue reading Momma Confessions: A Discouraged Heart